Presenting: A Democratic Socialist's Almanac


April 9th, 2020

3 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

Hi, I’m Lelyn R. Masters, and I was born on September 11th. I was raised by a single mother in the 80s. After graduating from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy in the Fall of 2001 I joined the Navy, where I learned Arabic. When I got out I lived in Egypt, and the poverty and struggle against Mubarrak’s tyranny I witnessed there radicalized me. When the Egyptian revolution happened, I was back in the US, but the events I saw on the TV were happening in my old neighborhood to people I knew. Since then I’ve started a Marxist Student Union, studied with Marxist revolutionaries in New York City, and organized with the Democratic Socialists of America [DSA] in Connecticut and in Memphis, TN. It’s been almost a decade now since the Arab Spring started and Occupy Wall Street sparked a new generation of radicals. We’ve seen a resurgence in the membership of the DSA, a fascist seize the White House and Bernie Sanders lead two viable Presidential Campaigns. But now what? An Almanac tells us what the climate is, when to plant and when to reap. In this Democratic Socialist’s Almanac I’m going to review the history of the socialist tradition in the light of the latest scholarship. I’ll be talking about the good, the bad and everyone of us living in between. Once we’ve sorted out how we got here, we’ll surveille the paths now open to us and begin a discussion of where we want to go. Follow us on facebook, support us on Patreon, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts from. We’re only ever as free as our neighbor is, and we’re only as strong as we are clear on where we’re headed.